Raised on the fringe between celestial wonder and earthly solidity, Jezabella’s life took an unexpected turn when she was drawn to the enigmatic region of The Prime Faction. As the child of a star goddess and a mortal sculptor, she had always possessed an unorthodox blend of otherworldly beauty and tangible artistry. Now, she found herself amidst the inhabitants of Prime Faction, fiercely individualistic citizens who held a deep-rooted conviction of being the ‘true’ numbers, unique as prime numbers themselves.

It was here that her abilities to manipulate the fabric of reality flourished, resonating with the faction’s ethos of aggressive dominance. Her celestial inheritance found new purpose in this relentless pursuit of power, yet, the friction between her dual identities grew more pronounced. Forever shaping and being shaped by the singular topography and ethos of Prime Faction, Jezabella continued to walk her path, a prime example of unity in diversity amidst a sea of unique identities.

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