Arith Lore

Arith is a majestic world divided into five distinct nations. The Natural, Square Roots, Fraction, Complex, and Prime factions each possess unique attributes, contributing to the intricate tapestry of Arith. These realms are intertwined with mathematical principles, a mysterious force flowing through every creature, terrain, and phenomenon.

The Natural realm, ruled by the sagacious Queen Noether, is adorned with lush forests and towering mountains, symbolizing the simplicity and infinite beauty of natural numbers. Their core principle, ‘less is more’, has fostered a modest yet highly efficient society. Guided by goodwill towards all of Arith, they relentlessly strive to maintain peace and harmony.

Square Roots, under King Lagrange’s rule, feature fertile farmlands and awe-inspiring fjords. The people of this land represent the irrationality and realness of square roots, advocating balance and neutrality. Their societal structures reflect a robust blend of science and philosophy, as they work meticulously to maintain Arith’s equilibrium.

Complex, under the rule of the radiant Queen Hypatia, is bathed in perpetual sunshine, with golden beaches and a warm climate. The inhabitants of Complex exemplify the real and imaginary components of complex numbers, often caught in a constant flux of thought and emotion. Their neutrality stems from their ability to adapt to shifting circumstances and perspectives.

Prime, the realm of King Hawking, is a reflection of the uniqueness of prime numbers. Its topography is an eclectic mix. The citizens of Prime are fiercely individualistic, seeing themselves as the ‘true’ numbers. Their ethos encourages an aggressive drive for dominance.

Fraction, led by King Fludd, is a realm of extremes, equally divided into harsh, snow-capped landscapes and vast, relentless deserts. Its denizens, resilient and adaptable, embody the division and union of fractions.

Recently, Arith has been plagued by the Prime faction’s assaults on other nations. The Primes, believing in their superior singularity, have started to view the other factions’ harmonious interdependencies as a threat to their individuality.

The other nations are rallying their forces against the Prime onslaught. Upholding their principle of ‘less is more,’ they aim to quell the discord.

This battle of numbers and ideologies will decide the fate of Arith, a testament to the power of unity, the peril of pride.