Game Mechanics

In Arith, the innovative game mechanics are deeply intertwined with the unique in-game economy, a striking departure from traditional concepts. The system is built on the core concept that “less is more,” which fundamentally underpins the entire economic and game-play structure.

Players start their journey in Arith with a zero balance, dubbed as “No Excess” (NOXS). Unlike traditional games, where the goal is to earn and accumulate a positive balance, in Arith, players aim to spend their negative balance on various upgrades and enhancements, thus reducing their positive token balance towards the negative of infinity.

This unique mechanic creates an intriguing relationship between the in-game economy and gameplay. Players can use their negative token balance to upgrade their Non-Fungible Token (NFT) character stats, enhancing their abilities and performance in various aspects of the game. The NOXS token will be used for game utility and will not be viewed as holding value.

The Marketplace

Arith includes an in-built NFT marketplace that allows players to trade their NFTs. This marketplace operates much like an auction house, where players can buy and sell any of the NFTs they’ve acquired during their journey in Arith. The marketplace offers a dynamic and competitive platform where players can leverage their strategic acumen and market insights to make profitable trades.

The value of these NFTs in Arith is derived from the negative NOXS balance spent on acquiring them. Through a novel mathematical model, the negative value of NOXS spent on gameplay is pegged to the current market price of Ethergem (EGEM) at the time of selling the “negative balance level” NFT. This model imbues the NFTs with real-world value, transforming the in-game economy into a veritable marketplace.

Arith’s innovative and intricate relationship between game mechanics, NFTs, and real-world currency offers a uniquely immersive gaming experience. It combines the thrill of an MMO game with the financial implications of a cryptocurrency market, creating an exciting platform where players can enjoy their adventures while potentially accruing real-world value.

Air Drops

In Arith, the gameplay is designed to be both engaging and dynamic, thanks to an innovative system of automatic monthly token airdrops. These airdrops increase each player’s positive balance of No Excess (NOXS), serving as a resource that players can deploy across various gameplay activities.

Further adding to the strategic depth of Arith, players have the option to send small, capped quantities of “positive balance” tokens (NOXS) to their adversaries daily. This unique feature effectively elevates the recipient’s positive token (NOXS) balance, subsequently reducing their character’s value and stats. This clever twist opens up an exciting new dimension of tactical gameplay, where players can tactically undermine their competitors.

The airdrops begin with 5% of the total sum of all players’ positive NOXS token balance. This percentage decreases by 0.25% every month, culminating in a 2.25% airdrop by the end of the first year. It’s important to note that the airdrop percentage corresponds to the aggregate negative NOXS balance of all players, ensuring a fair distribution that maintains balance in the in-game economy. By implementing this inventive approach to in-game currency, MinMax continues to uphold the intriguing principle of “less is more,” setting itself apart in the gaming landscape.