MinMax Storylines


In the realm of Arith, discord simmered beneath the veneer of tranquility. The Prime faction, under King Hawking’s reign, believed in their superiority due to the singularity of prime numbers, inciting tension with the other factions.

The Natural and Fraction realms attempted diplomatic interventions to maintain peace. They held several meetings with the Primes, trying to foster an understanding of unity despite their numeric differences. However, the Prime faction, blinded by their individualistic ideology, rejected these peace offerings.

The Square Roots and Complex realms, maintaining their neutrality, observed these interactions with a sense of unease. They offered to mediate talks between the Prime faction and the others, trying to find a middle ground that could accommodate the contrasting numeric ideologies.

Despite these diplomatic efforts, tensions escalated to a boiling point, and war seemed inevitable.


In Arith, players from all realms – the Natural, the Square Roots, the Fraction, the Complex, and the Prime – gather together in a grand arena, a central point in the world where boundaries blur, and the traditional alignments of good, neutral, and evil coalesce into a dynamic display of strength and strategy.

This arena is a place where players face each other in a test of power, wit, and skill in player versus player (PvP) combat, representing their respective factions in a battle that transcends their ideological differences.

The PvP battles serve as an avenue for players to earn respect, resolve disputes, and promote their faction’s ideologies within the realm of Arith. They symbolize the numeric philosophies of the different factions, where the strengths and strategies are tied to their inherent numeric identities.

Arith’s PvP system innovatively plays around the core concept that “less is more”. It follows a unique mechanic that rewards players with battle token reduction for their actions in combat. Unlike most games where hit points are depleted with damage, in Arith, the goal of PvP combat is to remove tokens.

Every successful strike, defensive move, and tactical maneuver rewards players by subtracting tokens from their own wallets, adding a layer of strategy to the battles. Instead of focusing on reducing an opponent’s health to zero, players concentrate on optimizing their actions to accrue the maximum tokens the opponent receives.

Every battle starts at zero, and with each move, tokens are added to the opponent based on the strength and effectiveness of the player’s actions.

Moreover, the token system is also faction-specific. Natural players can gain extra personal token reductions by harmonizing with their environment during combat, Square Roots shed additional tokens for utilizing their agricultural tools and strategies, Fraction faction members reduce more tokens by adapting to their circumstances, and Complex players get bonus token reductions by leveraging high-tech gadgets and advanced strategies. The Prime players, on the other hand, lose extra points when they embrace their singular nature and make unpredictable moves.